Major Carpet Cleaning Myths

A lot of misconceptions are prevalent even now when it comes to carpets and carpet cleaning. Listed below are some of the most typical ones that you might’ve heard in terms of keeping clean carpets. 

The Top Signs You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning carpet can result in the development of mildew 

Take note that carpet steam cleaning is done by applying hot steam—not water. If you visit a local grocery store and utilize a rented steam cleaner on your carpet flooring, there’s a major possibility that the machine will not be in a functional state. Apart from that, you need to get special training first before you can effectively do steam cleaning. For instance, if you remain too long in a single carpet area, your carpet could be saturated. With the help of carpet steam cleaning done by the experts, you can guarantee that the machine they will be using is professional grade. Plus, they exactly know how to get your carpet steam cleaned so that it won’t be saturated in the process. Lastly, letting your carpet dry thoroughly after a steam cleaning can help ensure that no mold or mildew will happen to grow. 

Your carpet will wear out faster if you vacuum too frequently 

Before, carpets weren’t produced and intended to be as sturdy as they are now. The carpet’s fibers’ density and length meant that traditional carpets displayed wear and tear a lot faster after being vacuumed frequently. But now, the new carpets are particularly manufactured to endure frequent carpeting. Even though you vacuum it daily, which most homeowners do, your carpet can withstand it and remain useable for a longer time.? 

As you vacuum your carpets, make sure to utilize a properly functioning vacuum cleaner to keep them from damaging easily. Also, your brush roller must be in fully operational condition. Meaning, it should be able to rotate on its axis while moving your vacuum back and forth.? 

Baking soda is a good carpet cleaner 

A lot of property owners’ sprinkle baking soda on their carpet flooring to eliminate unwanted odors and have their carpets clean. Though baking soda can penetrate some type of things, sprinkling baking soda on your carpet fibers’ surface does quite more than providing temporary satisfaction. Know that baking soda does not get your carpet clean. Yes, it can mask bad odors temporarily, but the odors will return eventually unless if the underlying reason behind this is cleaned up. For that, the only way you can have your carpets deep cleaned is to hire the?carpet cleaning Raleigh?services and letting the expert carpet cleaners steam clean them. 

One thing that’s not a misconception when it comes to carpet cleaning is that it must be done from time to time. Going for a long time without cleaning your carpets can lead to the accumulation of oils, debris, and dirt that can cause permanent damage to your carpet. If you want to book for your next carpet cleaning session, feel free to contact the best carpet cleaners in town today.?